Association Plan Sales Resources and Plan Descriptions

With Optima Health, members can enjoy enhanced benefits at no additional cost. If you’re looking for a way to provide association members with quality healthcare, Optima Health goes above and beyond.

With our Optima Health Association Program, Association members will receive a variety of enhanced benefits.*

Though the groups are individually underwritten, our plans for Associations offer the same exceptional coverage and quality care as conventional group plans.

Association plan value-added benefits are available with qualified Optima Plus and Optima Vantage/POSA plans.

Group Advantages

  • Value-added* benefits are available to all groups with 51-99 employees**
  • Groups in the Association program are individually underwritten
  • Groups receive the value-added benefits listed below at no additional cost to the member when received from an in-network provider
    • $5 reduction for Primary Care Provider (PCP) and behavioral health Copayments (Unlimited), offered on all Copayment Association plans
    • $5 reduction for Specialist visit Copayments (Unlimited), offered on specific Association plans
    • $50 reduction for Outpatient Surgery Copayments (Unlimited), offered on specific Association plans
    • Three (3) Additional Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Sessions, offered on all Association plans

Association Advantages

  • The Association is eligible to receive a monthly marketing fee
  • The Association program is an additional reason for potential members to join and maintain membership in the Association
  • The Association program offers enhanced health benefits for your members

Agent Advantages

  • Any licensed and appointed agent can sell Optima Health group products and place business through the Association Program
  • There is no reduction to the agent’s commission
  • The writing agent continues to service and be compensated for groups in the Association

* Value-added refers to an enhanced benefit design compared to non-Association group plans. Only Optima Health Association members are eligible for Value-Added Products.
**Groups in the Association program are individually underwritten.

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